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Your Accounting Software Might Not Be Working Hard Enough

DKRK Accounting and Bookkeeping Services - Your Accounting Software Might Not Be Working Hard Enough

Are you getting the most from most of your stuff, or at least more from more (or most) of your more important (or most important) stuff?

This month’s edition of Bean There, Done That addresses this most important question in more detail.

If you’re like me (and I know I am), you’re excited about increasing efficiency and accuracy, all while continuing to make all kinds of beans for your Friendly Bean Counter (FBC) (me) to count.

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Wishing You Heaps Of Fun, And A Healthy Serving Of Beans.

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A Healthy Serving of Beans

Your Accounting Software Might Not Be Working Hard Enough

Bean There, Done That
Monthly Bookkeeping Wisdom From Your Friendly Bean-Counter

Nothing burns the backside of the better bosses than employees who do more shirking than working.

Am I right?

I mean, it’s one thing to take a break during a busy day. After all, a worker who refreshes themselves ends up being a more refreshed worker. And that can sometimes lead to fresher work.

(This is possibly even more important in the meat packing business than in bookkeeping, but you get my point.)

So look around the office, or the meat packing plant, or wherever you work, and ask yourself this: At what point is “dry aged” not really a good thing? Also: Am I getting the most out of my fancy accounting software, for which I paid beaucoup beans?

If it looks like your accounting software has been spending too much time out back smoking with your logistics program, or hanging around the water cooler to chat-up some attractive social media software it met here at work, metaphorically speaking, well, it’s time to crack the whip.

(Metaphorically speaking. Please do not actually whip your software. It doesn’t help, believe me.)

What I mean is, it’s time to think about how you can get the most out of your accounting software.

It doesn’t need to smoke or chat (in fact, if your software is smoking, you have a whole other set of problems we can’t get into here). So it should roll up its little digital sleeves and get busy helping your bookkeeping run more efficiently for your business!

One of the big efficiency improvements you can make is to use the “bank feed” functionality that your accounting software likely carries around with it in its nice little digital briefcase.

Here are some of the ways getting your bookkeeping software to buddy-up with your bank can really help your business:

  • Connecting bank and credit card accounts reduces transaction entry errors
  • Using the “add/match” transaction function when transferring funds between accounts helps you avoid duplicate transaction entries
  • Setting up “rules for categorization” can save you a meat-locker full of time completing your bookkeeping work, all while making expense recording much more consistent
  • Your accounting software will even tell you when your beef is more than just “dry aged.”

Actually, I made that last one up. But the other stuff is totally true. And totally beneficial!

One note of caution: Never eat beef that’s gone past its expiration date. Also, another note of caution: watch out using the “auto-add” feature of your accounting software, as there’s the potential for more duplicate transactions and transactions going into the wrong places.

Yes, in all likelihood, you could be getting a more honest day’s work out of your accounting software. If you’d like help making that happen, always remember: Beef is what’s for dinner. Also remember that your FBC is here for you, and always willing to help.

Discussion Questions

  1. 1
    Say “burns the backside of better bosses” ten times, really fast
  2. 2
    Is your accounting software chatting up a social media program? If so, this needs to be addressed right away.
  3. 3
    How can your Friendly Bean Counter help you get the most out of the accounting software for which you paid beaucoup beans?

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Howl-dy! I’m Sadie.
Dottie’s My Person.

Sadie’s Paw Prints


Sadie here – Dottie’s patient and loving canine master.

Did you know that dogs can have allergies? Now that allergy season is in full wag, it’s something you two-leggers should probably be aware of.

We dogs can develop allergies to environmental conditions, like the presence of dust mites, but our allergies can also come from the food you feed us.

Here’s a bit of a shocker, so hold onto your collar: MOST dogs are allergic to, of all things, chicken! So those dog foods they sell that contain chicken are likely to give us a bit of trouble.

Even if you buy dog food that doesn’t say it’s “flavored with REAL chicken,” remember this: Chicken is cheap, so many manufacturers use it in our food anyway, even if the food is “flavored with something else.”

Something to keep in mind!

As always, you should take care of your furry friends. When you need a cuddle or some unconditional love, we’re always there to take care of YOU.

Angel Covers

Non-Profit Spotlight

Opening The GATE Of Opportunity

Angel Covers, one of the charities we absolutely LOVE supporting, offers a program called GATE upon which we’d like to shine this month’s Non-Profit Spotlight.

GATE stands for Girls Advocacy Through Education, and this valuable program provides girls at risk of trafficking with the support they need to stay in school.

This includes providing girls with school uniforms (along with shoes and socks), daily lunches and snacks at school, textbooks and other study materials, backpacks and school supplies, bus fare when they need it, and whatever other nutritional support they require.

This support can make ALL the difference for girls in disadvantaged regions. For instance, in remote parts of Myanmar and Laos, girls are often forced to leave school at an early age because their families just can’t afford the associated expenses.

Leaving school puts girls at incredible risk. Keeping them out of the reach of human traffickers means keeping them in school, and that’s the whole idea behind GATE.

To learn more about how you can help support these precious young ladies, check out our website at https://angelcovers.org/program/gate/

Thank you!

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