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Welcome To Mid-April – Thanks To The FBC Time Machine

Now that the National Western Stock Show is over for another year, I’m sure you’re busy taking down your Christmas lights. That, after all, is the tradition ‘round these parts.

The other tradition this time of year is to procrastinate on things like bookkeeping and taxes. Luckily, this edition of Bean There, Done That arrives in your inbox JUST in time to remind you not to do that!

(In a positive, entertaining, and not-at-all scoldy kind of way.)


Once again, thanks for making DK/RK Services your first choice in bookkeeping… and for passing this edition on to your many friends who’ll want to subscribe for a “monthly smile.”

Wishing You Heaps Of Fun, And A Healthy Serving Of Beans.

DKRK Accounting and Bookkeeping Services - Closing the Books on Last Year

A Healthy Serving of Beans

Welcome To Mid-April
… Thanks To The FBC Time Machine!

Bean There, Done That
Monthly Bookkeeping Wisdom From Your Friendly Bean-Counter

We take you now to the secret laboratory of your Friendly Bean Counter (FBC), who spent the holidays creating the world’s first fully-operational time machine.

As far as you know.

Let’s go back one year, to the secret laboratory of YOUR business, where you’d spent the previous holiday season making loads of beans for your FBC to count. And now, in January of last year (2021), you realize you’re gonna have to get your bookkeeping info to your FBC at some point.

You gaze at the calendar, and note that, for your personal taxes, the deadline will be mid-April, which does not come as a particular shock to you. You might have your CPA file an extension, but you’re gonna have to get your books buttoned up by this important deadline.

So you put a note on your calendar to submit things to your FBC around, say, April 12, 2021.

When you gazed at the calendar, you may not have noted that there were business filing deadlines that fell earlier than that. So, as a result, both your FBC and your CPA were in a bit of a bind to help you.

Back to the time machine!

We whoosh ahead to last October (2021), when your CPA informs you of certain late fees and penalty payments you must make to The Tax Man, due to certain circumstances related to your faulty gaze at the calendar and poor assumptions about when certain things needed to get to certain professionals.

Let’s not stay there! That was a crummy day. It appears you’re sitting in the corner, looking very cranky, like someone just fed you a toad.

Let’s whoosh ahead to April, 2022!

What a satisfied, almost smug look you have on your face, knowing that your books were buttoned up and your taxes filed weeks ago.


So before we return to the present day,* if you want to plan to submit your bookkeeping info (receipts, revenue reports, inventory numbers, etc.) to your FBC right before the tax filing deadline, you could pretend that April day is already here… and do it now-ish!

Your future self will thank your present self, which will go a long way toward making your present self stop being mad at your past self.

(*I don’t know what day you’ll read this, so let’s just go with “today”)

Discussion Questions

  1. 1
    Which do you feel is worse: Having your future self be mad at your past self, or the other way around?
  2. 2
    Are you aware that you will NOT create a rip in the space-time continuum if you get your tax and bookkeeping information submitted early?
  3. 3
    How can your Friendly Bean Counter (FBC) help you keep your business’s books buttoned up?

Don’t forget: at DK/RK Services, you’re always “more than a number.” We WANT to take care of your bookkeeping, professionally and personably, so you can focus on running and growing a great business enterprise! Please check out our many enthusiastic FIVE STAR online reviews (Yelp, Google, Facebook, you name it). We look forward to earning our next great review from YOU.

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Dottie is my person.

Sadie’s Paw Prints

Interesting Facts About Interesting Smells

It’s such a cliché by now, that probably everyone knows that dogs tend to explore the world with their noses. Scents you two-leggers find stinky, we dogs just find interesting.

Also, the reverse may apply. Could you please stop breathing on us with that disgusting spearmint gum breath? Honestly. What you humans will put in your mouths… it’s a total mystery to us.

It turns out that someone has actually studied the canine olfactory, and compared it to yours: Long story short, we win. A dog’s sense of smell is at least forty times as acute as a person’s.

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Possibly in time to fix it!

One more cool fact: We can actually sniff while we’re breathing. That’s something you people can’t do. And don’t try it. You might hurt yourself.


Angel Covers

Non-Profit Spotlight

Did You Know It Was Rhino Month?

… And you’ll do yourself a world of good, too!

One of the coolest non-profit organizations out there also happens to be one of our favorites: It’s Angel Covers, and you’d do yourself (and the world) a favor if you got involved with this awesome group.

Check out their website:


… and you’ll see all the wonderful things Angel Covers does for kids, all around the world. They do everything from filling bellies, to educating minds, to saving lives.

And right now, Angel Covers is looking for help. Won’t you consider being a volunteer?

Some of the organization’s specific current needs include volunteers in the areas of nutrition and social media management, as well as creating content such as newsletters.

We know you’re busy. But finding a way to put this organization into your life will be something you’ll always thank yourself for doing.

And if you just can’t find the time to volunteer… donations are always welcome! You’ll see a place on the website to take care of that feel-good activity, too.

Thank you!

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