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We Know People Who Can Help Your Business

Charm And Good Looks Won’t Impress The Tax Man

Bean There, Done That
Monthly Bookkeeping Wisdom From Your Friendly Bean-Counter

The top question people ask your Friendly Bean Counter (FBC) all the time is: “How can your staff be so talented, and charming, and efficient, all while being so disarmingly attractive?”

Probably the Number Two Question we get is “Is this too late?”

The answers to both of these questions is usually “yes,” but another top question we get is “Do you know anybody who does (X WORK).”

And the answer there is almost always “yes,” as well, because your FBC has an extensive network of professionals who do just about any X WORK your business might need.

We cherish our many wonderful clients, who trust us to keep their books sharply up-do-date and accurate, not to mention compliant with all industry standards, as well as highly data-secure, all while being disarmingly attractive.


But we also know business owners often need help in other areas, and that’s where a quick call to your FBC to leverage our extensive professional network could be golden.

We know excellent professionals in just about every area of service a business needs:

  • Marketing
  • Plumbing
  • Consulting
  • Roofing
  • Insurance
  • Clown Parties
  • Financing
  • X Work
  • Photography
  • Taxes
  • Junk Hauling
  • Christmas Caroling
  • Bookkeeping (wait: that’s us)

… to name just a few.

So if you need a referral to a professional expert who can help your business in an area OTHER than bookkeeping, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Even if you’ve already tried some goober who didn’t know what they were doing, and you need a rough-and-ready professional to come in and fix the project, from website design to interior painting to office furniture, we can help.

We love helping our clients with their bookkeeping… but we’re ready to help with a referral for anything else you need, too.

Discussion Questions

  1. 1
    Are you frustrated with hiring goobers to do your X Work?
  2. 2
    What are the top three questions you get in your business?
  3. 3
    Would a referral to a rough-and-ready professional expert from your FBC come in handy?

Don’t forget: at DK/RK Services, you’re always “more than a number.” We WANT to take care of your bookkeeping, professionally and personably, so you can focus on running and growing a great business enterprise! Please check out our many enthusiastic FIVE STAR online reviews (Yelp, Google, Facebook, you name it). We look forward to earning our next great review from YOU.

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You know you do.
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(* Prize is FREE editions of Bean There, Done That)
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Howl-dy! I’m Sadie.
Dottie is my person.

Sadie’s Paw Prints

A Safe Dog Is A Happy Dog

I’m Sadie, fur buddy and master of Dottie (at least, master of Dottie’s heart)… and it’s time for another educational moment for you two-legged friends who are lucky enough to live with a dog.

I was at a conference the other day (meaning, having a “twilight bark” with some of the neighbors), and the discussion turned to the subject of leashes.

Now, some of my fellow canines don’t care for their leash, and I get that. But what you should understand is that, in most cases, we dogs LOVE our leashes, even if we don’t get around to telling you so.

I know one English Doodle who literally jumps in circles whenever her human picks up the leash. “We’re going outside? Oh, happy happy happy!”

This is because she’s been well-trained, for one thing, but also because her person always wants to keep her safe, so English is used to the leash. She’s never known life without it.

Some people think it’s a great idea to just let their dog roam off-leash. They get the notion that we four-leggers crave the freedom. But what we really like is staying alive. One of the top causes of early canine death is being hit by a car. Nobody wants that to happen, right?

So train your fur buddy to sit and stay… make sure they’re on their leash every time you open the front door (until you know they won’t bolt), and – as a general principle – never leave your dog off-leash without the comfort and security of an enclosed area (like the backyard fence).


Angel Covers

Non-Profit Spotlight

The Vacation Of A Lifetime

One of the non-profit organizations we’re proud to support is the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund (KACF). Recently, KACF brought 19 conservation travelers back from South Africa, and the group learned quite a bit about the plight of wildlife on “The Dark Continent.”

It was also a wonderful vacation!

The group visited the Zulu Nyala Game Reserve for a week, where the accommodations were amazing, the meals were delicious, and there were jeep safaris each morning and evening.

We then traveled to the Southern Africa Wildlife College (near Kruger National Park), and learned about the noble work that’s being done to prevent poaching.

We also learned about the Future Rangers program sponsored by the Global Conservation Corps… getting kids involved with conservation from an early age.

A visit to the Elephants Alive organization allowed our group to actually help with the collaring of a couple of bull elephants, replacing their old tracking collars with new units funded by KACF and our generous donors.

All in all, no one in the group will ever forget the amazing endangered animals they were able to see and observe, let alone the lifelong impression made by the cultural immersion involved in this type of trip.

For a limited time, KACF is able to book safari packages like this for adventurous and conservation-minded folks like you, and half of the purchase price is donated back to KACF! It’s a win-win.

You can have the time of your life. For more information, visit:


Thank you!

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