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The Bookkeeper’s Holiday Ballad

Holidays are perfect days to set a festive scene:
From giving thanks, to New Year’s Eve, and all that’s in between.
For family and friends, and really, everyone you meet,
This joyous time of year is one we know is pretty sweet.


But what’s to follow New Year’s? It’s a season not as bright,
For businesses especially, it can be quite a fright.
It’s TAX TIME! Yes, indeedy, and it strikes us every year,
From New Year’s Day to April, it’s something many fear.

But fear not, business owners! For an angel shall appear,
Her name is Dottie Korbe, and you’ll be oh-so-glad she’s here.
Along with expert teammates, she’s here to save the day!
Your books will be in order, courtesy DK/RK.

So when your tax accountant comes a-calling for your stuff,
You’ll rest assured your beans are counted, right and swift enough.
Let Dottie and her staff take care of all your firm’s bookkeeping,
And come Tax Day, while others stress, you’ll be peacefully sleeping.

Thank you for allowing DK/RK Services the opportunity to serve your business’s bookkeeping needs.

We’re delighted by the many enthusiastic five-star online reviews you’ve given us – it’s our favorite holiday gift! – and we can’t wait to earn our next great review from a fellow entrepreneur you can refer to us.

Happy Holidays!

Discussion Questions

  1. 1
    Which season do you fear the most?
  2. 2
    (If it’s the Broncos’ next football season, no one could blame you)
  3. 3
    Does your business need solid bookkeeping to get ready for Tax Season, without the stress that time of year can bring?

Don’t forget: at DK/RK Services, you’re always “more than a number.” We WANT to take care of your bookkeeping, professionally and personably, so you can focus on running and growing a great business enterprise! Please check out our many enthusiastic FIVE STAR online reviews (Yelp, Google, Facebook, you name it). We look forward to earning our next great review from YOU.

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Howl-dy! I’m Sadie.
Dottie is my person.

Sadie’s Paw Prints

Your Best Friend Gets Stressed By The Holidays, Too

I know, I know. You’re running around, taking care of all the important stuff you two-leggers need to do during the holidays, from mixing egg nog, to wrapping gifts, to stocking up for parties throughout the season.

While it’s all festive and joyful, at can be stressful too, I’m sure. But did you know we dogs get stressed out around the holidays, too?

Sadie here – Dottie is my personal person. And while you’re running around with all your holiday activities, we dogs are having to endure parties, unfamiliar people, strange (to us) goings-on, and all kinds of stuff we don’t usually have to experience.

We dogs love our routines, and as generally peace-loving critters, we like things nice and quiet most of the time. The holiday season is nothing like the way things are during the rest of the year… the routine is all topsy-turvy, and wow, how about all that noise?

It’s exciting, sure. But remember that, in the wild, animals tend to want to conserve energy, and getting all excited by holiday activities goes against our basic instincts. It can really stress us out.

So this holiday season, see if you can provide your furry friends with a nice quiet place to retreat, and try to help us stick to our routines as much as possible. That’s the best gift you can give us.

We like the treats too, though. Keep ‘em coming.

Bow, wow!

Non-Profit Spotlight

“Lacrosse OUT” Cancer!

It’s not too early to get your tickets for a night of exciting lacrosse action, and to support wildlife conservation (and cancer research) at the same time!

One of our favorite non-profit organizations is the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund. We’re proud to support KACF in its global mission to protect our precious wildlife, and to protect and help those kind souls throughout the world who are on the same mission.

Here’s a way you can help, and a way you can enjoy a great night of sports as well.

On Friday, February 3, KACF is one of the sponsors of the Colorado Mammoth’s “Lacrosse Out Cancer” night, and we’d love to see you there in the stands, rooting for the Mammoth, the world’s wildlife, and folks battling cancer.

Tickets start at only $19, and when you buy your tickets through KACF, fully half of the proceeds will go to support KACF’s wildlife conservation mission.

So while you’re watching the Mammoth take on their opponents, you’ll be taking on cancer and wildlife endangerment too!

Get your tickets here:


… And, while you’re at it, consider making a generous holiday donation to help support the conservation cause.

We thank you… the Mammoth thank you… Folks fighting cancer thank you… KACF thanks you… and elephants, apes, giraffes, birds, and other animal friends thank you too!

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