At DK/RK Services, we strive to treat every client business the way we’d want to be treated… with respect, professionalism, and a relentless dedication to your firm’s success.

We know how much work it takes to realize your entrepreneurial dreams… and we want to help you bear those burdens.  We’ll take care of the books, the accounting, whatever you need… so you can focus on building your business and making those dreams come true – for yourself, your family, and your team.


DK/RK Services is your top-flight expert in QuickBooks, and in all aspects of bookkeeping and accounting practices. We’ve been highly-trained and thoroughly tested to achieve recognition from Intuit as a ProAdvisor… not every bookkeeper has achieved that recognition. We can guide you to get the best leverage from your QuickBooks software, including demonstrating the system’s key features so you can make the most effective use of these valuable tools. From QuickBooks set-up and consulting, to state-of-the-industry bookkeeping and accounting, you can count on your DK/RK certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor to steer you (and your business) in the right direction for success.


You’re more than a “fledgling” upstart.  Even if you’re just starting your business, you’ve had this vision for a long time.  Now’s the critical time to focus on bringing that vision fully to fruition.  Let us focus on setting up your books, helping you design just the right chart of accounts, and creating online accounting systems tailored specifically to your unique business.  We’ll take care of the accounting… freeing you up to grow your enterprise.


You’re more than a babysitter.  Maybe you feel like you spend too much time just keeping everybody (and your business as a whole) out of trouble.  We can help!  From professional daily bookkeeping, to a thorough check-up of your financial systems (making sure nothing’s slipping through the cracks), to keeping everything sharp and buttoned-up for the tax man… you can count on us to give you complete peace-of-mind.  No matter what business you’re in, at DK/RK Services we have the experience and know-how to help you stay on top of your financial reporting.


You’re more than a record keeper.  Ever feel like your business’ “archive” researcher?  Like you’re spending way too much time keeping your records straight, and not enough time working on the things you’re really passionate about?  Maybe you like to “keep your arms around things” – and we get that.  We can take care of your routine bookkeeping chores, and help you maximize your control of your business while building your bottom line.  Every business is different.  Whatever you feel more like you have to do, and less like you like to do (Invoicing?  Data entry?  Small-business payroll?)… we’ll take those burdens off your back.  Or, let us provide your business with complete “turn-key” bookkeeping! 


You’re more than a “firefighter” in your business.  Hey, it happens… if you’re trying to do everything in your business, you won’t be the first driven-by-success entrepreneur to fall behind on your bookkeeping chores!  DK/RK Services can help.  There’s virtually no bookkeeping or accounting “mess” we haven’t seen – and straightened out for our clients.  That’s what we do!  No matter what the current state of your finances, we’ll help you catch up, clean up, and fire up your revenue-growing engines.  You work on your business… we’ll put out the fires, and clean things up so they don’t burst into flames again!


You’re more than a “worker bee” in your business.  You’re the CEO!  And as your business grows and thrives, you’ll need to spend more time working on the business… and less time working in it.  That’s where DK/RK Services really shines: we’re your “Contract CFO,” ready to design and deliver the financial reporting you need to make the big decisions.  And we love being a key resource for your business, always available to answer questions and give you sound, thoughtful advice.

The Full Range Of Accounting And Bookkeeping Services

Our clients are growing businesses, large and small, across a wide range of industry segments. They count on DK/RK Services for the full range of accounting and bookkeeping services, tailored to the specific needs of each client firm.

  • Billing & Accounts Receivable
  •  Payroll & Payroll Tax Reporting
  • Sales Tax Report Assistance
  • Inventory Tracking & Costing
  • Cash Management & Bank Reconciliations
  • Analysis of Accounts
  • Accountant’s Review
  • In-house Reporting
  • Preparation and Filing of 1099s Assistance
  • Cost Analysis
  • Closing Books (Monthly, Quarterly & Annually)
  •  Vendor Payments & Accounts Payable
  • QuickBooks ProAdvisor
  • Calculation of Accrued Expenses
  • Job Costing & Job Profitability
  • Preparing Budgets & Forecasts
  • Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Proper Account Classification
  • Worker’s Compensation Audit Assistance
  • In-House Financial Statements
  • Preparation and Filing of W-2s Assistance
  • Related Party Reconciliation
  • Depreciation & Amortization
  • Special Customer Services
  • Whatever you need to help you focus on growing your business!

The best practices in bookkeeping and accounting are constantly changing, as tax authorities and regulations evolve, and as the economy and business environment change to meet the needs of enterprises and their customers.

We keep on top of the latest trends in our profession… so you don’t have to.

Call today for a free consultation… let’s see what makes sense for you and your firm. How can we tailor just the right bookkeeping and accounting systems and solutions to meet your company’s specific needs?

Bookkeeping & Accounting For YOUR Business

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