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QuickBooks: Your Firm’s Powerful Ally

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(If your inbox is where lunchtime arrives, you’re on a very interesting diet.)

Speaking of lunchtime, this edition is all about sandwiches. Also, we make mention of one of the most powerful financial tools your company can use.



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A Healthy Serving of Beans

QuickBooks: Your Firm’s Powerful Ally In The Battle Against Bad Sandwiches

Bean There, Done That
Monthly Bookkeeping Wisdom From Your Friendly Bean-Counter

Many* people say bad sandwiches are one of the worst blights on modern society.

As an example, I knew a guy who used to eat onion sandwiches. Just a big slice of red onion, between two slices of bread. And he claimed he wasn’t the only one who enjoyed this particular type of bad sandwich… but that might’ve been a false claim.

After all, would you believe a guy who eats bad sandwiches? No. No, you wouldn’t.**

You can undoubtedly imagine all kinds of bad sandwiches, and since you obviously have nothing better to do, you might want to pause long enough to do that imagining. It’ll be a fun diversion from this fun diversion.

But for my beans, probably the worst sandwich you could try to consume would be a coffee-and-lemon-pudding sandwich.

Even before you would pour the coffee over the pudding, you’d have a yucky mess there on your sandwich board, plate, or (even worse) napkin.

And that brings us roundly to the point of this important electronic newsletter, if there is one: Some businesses have their transactions and financial information about as organized as a coffee/pudding sandwich.

This makes for a yucky mess that your Friendly Bean Counter (FBC) (me) CAN actually clean up for you. Usually. But it’s not on the top of your FBC’s list of fun diversions, so I’ll take on the chore, but it’s gonna cost ya.

Why spend money you don’t have to spend, and/or cause aggravation to your FBC for no good reason?

Luckily, bad-sandwich bookkeeping is not your final fate. Set up an appointment with your FBC before you create a yucky mess, and let me introduce you and/or your staff to the wonderful world of QuickBooks.

You might not be aware of this, but your FBC is one of a relative handful of bookkeepers who’s a QuickBooks certified ProAdvisor. That’s not an easy designation to achieve, and it means your FBC is pretty-much a QuickBooks Bad Ass (though “ProAdvisor” sounds more, well, pro.)

As a QBCPA, or QBBA, I’m certified and experienced in all features and functions of this amazing software tool. And as such, I can tell you that QuickBooks is a powerful tool for keeping your company’s transactions organized, neat, and tidy… and, most importantly, useful.

Not like a bad sandwich at all. More like a delicious bologna-and-cheese sandwich, cut into attractive triangular halves and served with neatly-organized chips, such as the curvy ones that come in a can.

Now, that’s a well-organized meal! But I digress.

You might prefer slightly messier sandwiches which, while slightly messy, are not necessarily “bad” sandwiches. I’m thinking of a nice BLT; also, a green chili slopper is very messy, but it certainly is not a bad sandwich.

But nobody prefers messy bookkeeping.

Get smart with QuickBooks, and you’ll find that you not only have neatly organized transactions which make your FBC smile, you’ll also have the financial information you need to make crafty business decisions, right at your fingertips, virtually all the time.

So reach out, and schedule that meeting! Maybe we could do lunch (even if we’re meeting on “Zoom”).

You might have a slopper. But your FBC wants a BLT, ASAP.

(* By “many,” I mean, “at least one, probably.”)

(** Actually, I have no idea what you’d believe, but again, I’m going to go with “probably.”)

Discussion Questions

  1. 1
    List the top (or bottom, I guess) three worst sandwiches you’ve ever had
  2. 2
    Write a haiku or radio jingle using “bad sandwich bookkeeping”
  3. 3
    What can QuickBooks do for YOUR business, and how can your Certified ProAdvisor FBC help you take advantage of this powerful tool?

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Howl-dy! I’m Sadie.
Dottie is my person.

Sadie’s Paw Prints

Does Your Furry Friend REALLY Need To Go With You Every Time?

I had a friend – lovely doodle, she was – who loved to go for car rides with her people. The people knew this, so they took her absolutely everywhere with them.

From long journeys to visit relatives, to short trips to the store, Doodle (not her real name) spent more time in cars than Mario Andretti.

(If you don’t know who Mario Andretti is, don’t worry. I don’t either. But on top of having a cool name, I’m told he was one of the most successful race car drivers of all time. As far as I know, he never took a dog with him while he was racing, which might have contributed to his legendary success.)

Back to the Doodle story. Once, during a quick trip to a busy farmer’s market one warm summer day, Doodle was taken along and left in the car while her people shopped for vegetables, or strawberries, or whatever two-leggers eat.

These folks knew that you should never leave a dog in a hot car, even with the windows “cracked” open, but their idea of solving this problem was to roll the car’s windows all the way down.

When they got back to the car with armloads of fresh produce, Doodle was gone. They never saw her again.

We’ll never know what happened to Doodle. She might’ve become excited or scared, and jumped out of the car. Or she might have been dog-napped… that happens all too often.

But it’s an important lesson. Sometimes, the best place for your fur baby during a trip out of the house (short or long) is at home, even if she’s alone. At least she’ll be safe, and she’ll likely be there when you get back, ready to be petted, treated, and loved.


Angel Covers

Non-Profit Spotlight

You’ll Always Thank Yourself For Doing This….

At DK/RK Services, we’re proud to support Angel Covers, a wonderful non-profit organization that does an amazing amount of good in the world.

Angel Covers takes care of children all over the globe, kinda like a giant flock of virtual angels (hence the name).

Donors to this fine organization are helping provide everything from fruit and medicine, to homework desks and school uniforms, for disadvantaged kids growing up in the toughest parts of the world.

You can be part of this fantastic effort! Angel Covers is in serious need of wonderful, big-hearted volunteers to keep the flame of hope burning for these kids.

The organization needs smart marketing brains to help run social media and create their newsletters… and they have specific support positions open for folks who are talented fundraisers.

Angel Covers is also in need of board members with experience or knowledge in Human Resources, Legal Services, and Medical Services. They’re also looking for a permanent Executive Director, to help take the organization to the next level.

Your monetary donations are always appreciated. But Angel Covers really needs your time, attention, and compassionate service.

Check out their website:


… And learn more about how you (or someone you know) can do one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do: Volunteer to help Angel Covers.

Thank you!

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