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No That’s Not The IRS Calling

If the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) finds some problem with your tax filings, or wants to warn you about something, do they:


  • Invite you over for dinner, and ask you to bring the wine. And your credit card.
  • Drop by your place for dinner, and ask for your personal information over dessert.
  • Call you up and tell you that a Jordanian prince needs your Social Security number to help him save the free world and to protect you from a fraudulent tax filing.
  • Take your house, your car, and everything else you own, and throw you and your elderly mother and hungry children into the street.
  • Call you on the phone to warn you they’re about to do (D) and/or (B) above.
  • Call you on the phone and ask for your personal information, including the password to your social media accounts.
  • Call you on the phone just to have a friendly chat. About your personal information.
  • All of the above
  • Most of the above, but in ascending order and depending on the severity of your crimes.
  • None of the above.

The correct answer, of course, is “None of the above.”

If someone does any of the above to you, they are not the IRS, even if they say they are. They are most likely some greasy scammer looking to pinch your hard-earned beans.

Your Friendly Bean Counter (FBC) (me) is here to remind you that phony, greasy IRS scams are on the rise, and that the IRS does not call you.

No, if the IRS wants to reach you, they send you a good ol’ letter generated from their good ol’ system, via the good ol’ United States Postal Service. Then YOU call THEM. (Or, if it’s serious, and if you’re smart, you take the letter to a professional, such as a tax attorney.)

Most people have social media. Most have phones. Most have email. But everybody has a United States Postal Service mailing address. The vital American marketing and advertising industries depend on this fact.

(You only have to check your waste basket to verify that you, in fact, do have a mailing address, and that the vital American marketing and advertising industries are heavily involved in using it.)

So when the IRS wants to reach out and touch someone like you, they send you a letter in the mail. It’s that simple. No phone calls. No social media posts. No emails with phishy links for you to click!

Do NOT give your personal information to anyone who calls you. Most of all, be aware that the caller is definitely neither the IRS nor the personal representative of any member of the Jordanian royal family.

Discussion Questions

  1. 1
    How do you react when someone pinches your beans?
  2. 2
    How greasy do you estimate the average scammer to be? Create an info-graphic to describe your answer
  3. 3
    How can your FBC help you get everything ready for your tax accountant this tax season, and for the REAL IRS?

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Sadie’s Paw Prints

It’s All About The Love

Sadie here, master of Dottie’s heart, barking today about a basic need for all of us, whether we have two legs or four: I’m barking, of course, about love.

You feed your dog on a regular schedule. You keep her water dish full. You even throw the ball for her to fetch from time to time.

But is that enough?

Take it from me, those things are cool, but they’re not enough. We dogs need love, just as much as you do! So carve out some time to sit and pet us, pay attention to us, and talk to us in that embarrassing baby-talk tone we get a kick out of.

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Non-Profit Spotlight

Grover’s All Over! Say “Hi,” And Get A Gift

One of our favorite non-profit organizations is the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund, headquartered here in Denver and working all over the globe to help conserve our world’s wildlife.

These days, you might see Grover the Gorilla around town, making his way from one event to another, such as school presentations to help build awareness for the crucial conservation cause.

You can’t miss Grover. He’s riding around in a brightly colored KIA, decorated with pictures of all kinds of endangered animals (the car, that is, not Grover, who is not actually decorated with anything).

KACF is humbly grateful to Peak KIA for the donation of Grover’s 100% carbon-free ride. And we’re grateful to you, too, if you stop by to say “hi” when you spot Grover.

We’ll give you a little gift!

Speaking of gifts, there’s no better way to spend your hard-earned beans than to donate to KACF, and to support their many fine programs. You can learn more here:


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