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Need A Smart Bookkeeper? We’ve Been To All The School There IS

Naturally, we’re all excited to see the kiddos go back to school this time of year. Not only because they have a renewed opportunity to learn important things, such as what the cool kids are wearing, but also because the house is quieter during the day, and we can take a nap.

Sometimes, we grown-ups go back to school around this time of year, too. We get advanced degrees, or we learn how to cook fancy meals with southwestern flair, or we brush up on statistics to bolster our fantasy football teams.


So many educational opportunities in this great country of ours.

But your Friendly Bean Counter (FBC) (me) won’t be going back to school, at least not in a formal sense. Because when it comes to bookkeeping and accounting, your FBC has been to all the school there IS on the topic.

(That said, I naturally look for every opportunity to get even smarter on my subjects, and I always work hard to stay abreast of tax and accounting changes and updates that could impact my clients’ books.)

When it comes to formal schooling, if there were a Ph.D. in Balance Sheets, I’d probably have two of ‘em.

If there were a doctoral certificate in Creating The Right Chart of Accounts, I bet I’d have one or two of those, too.

I’m not boasting here. I’m just saying, if you need a bookkeeper who’s seriously been to school on the subject, you need look no further.

I’ve also been to the famous School of Hard Knocks, where the vagaries of working with certain clients have given me a hardened knowledge of the ins-and-outs of bookkeeping for all kinds of firms, large and small.

Your FBC can even serve as your small company’s “contract CFO,” advising you on all things financial – not just your bookkeeping.

So, when it’s time to start (or restart) your company’s bookkeeping, or to look at your books and financial information with a view toward helping you manage things like capital expenditures or product mix, reach out to your FBC.

Send me an email! Right after naptime.

Discussion Questions

  1. 1
    So what ARE the cool kids wearing these days?
  2. 2
    Create an infographic describing which southwestern meals you would recommend for your fantasy football team
  3. 3
    Do you need a bookkeeper who’s been to all the school there IS on the subject?

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Howl-dy! I’m Sadie.
Dottie is my person.

Sadie’s Paw Prints

Mosquito Bites: The Itch Is Your Dog’s Least Concern

Yes, mosquitos do bite us furry four-leggers, and it’s a real problem.

Woof, Sadie here (Dottie’s canine controller), and this month I’m barking about the dangers posed to your Best Friend by mosquitos.

It’s irritating to be bitten by a mosquito, just like it is for you humans. But beyond the itchy irritation, mosquito bites can cause us canines some serious problems.

Did you know your fur buddy can develop heart worms from a mosquito bite? And, if a mosquito bites an infected dog and then bites YOUR furry companion, the heart worm problem can get passed right along to your dog.

There are other infections your dog can pick up from mosquito bites, too, from West Nile Virus to Eastern Equine Encephalitis (say that ten times fast).

And if worrying about the health risks of mosquitos to your dogs isn’t bad enough, get this: If a mosquito bites an infected dog and then bites YOU, you’re at risk of contracting those same nasty ailments.

So protect you AND your fur baby from mosquito bites. There are mosquito repellents made especially for dogs, and some flea-and-tick collars also have added protection against mosquito bites.

Keep those buzzing little buggers away from your dog! She may not be able to say “thank you,” but she’ll sure appreciate being able to lick your face for many years to come.

Bow, wow!

Non-Profit Spotlight

Introducing Our New Favorite Non-Profit:
Coral Acres Wellness Sanctuary!

Horses force us to stay present, stay in the moment, and find the place where real healing can begin for our personal traumas.

That’s what the founders of Coral Acres Wellness Sanctuary (CAWS) give as one of the reasons they’ve started this amazing non-profit organization, and we here at DK/RK Services couldn’t agree more.

CAWS rescues horses and other farm animals… but in the course of achieving their animal rescue mission, they also rescue people.

“The need for peace and tranquility, while enjoying the quiet nature of horses and ranch life, has been vital as our society continues to demand more from us,” says Jessi Summer, one of CAWS’s founders.

In addition to providing much-needed rescue of all breeds of animals (as far as the staff’s expertise allows), CAWS offers important education on animal welfare, natural horsemanship, and identification of the abuse and neglect that threaten these noble creatures.

An animal finds safe sanctuary for rehabilitation and training, and great preparation for future adoption, when it finds its way to Coral Acres.

These worthwhile efforts need your help. Watch this space for more information on how you can donate – of volunteer! – on behalf of CAWS.

Thank you!

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