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Charm And Good Looks Won’t Impress The Tax Man

Hopefully this flattery has drawn your attention to this, the most recent edition of Bean There, Done That… your favorite electronic newsletter!

This edition is all about getting through life. And if your charm and good looks aren’t enough, you might do well by being highly organized – with help from your Friendly Bean Counter.


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A Healthy Serving of Beans

Charm And Good Looks Won’t Impress The Tax Man

Bean There, Done That
Monthly Bookkeeping Wisdom From Your Friendly Bean-Counter

Not long ago (last October), a guy I know named Eddie came rushing into my virtual office on his webcam and panicked.

“I only have… what, six hours… to get my business’s books to my CPA for my extended tax filing! Can you help me, Friendly Bean Counter?”

Being a compassionate person, I wanted to help Eddie, of course. But… six hours? What am I, a miracle worker?

“What am I, a mira – uh, I mean, I’d like to try to help you,” I replied. “But we’re cutting things a bit close, aren’t we? Didn’t your CPA want that information, like, a couple months ago?”

“She sure did,” Eddie said. “I’ve been procrastinating. My apologies, but I’ve always gotten through life on my charm and good looks, much more than on my organizational abilities.”

“Well,” I sighed, with my compassionate side hanging out all over the place, “send me what you have, and I’ll see what I can do.”

To make a long story short, Eddie’s “books” were not books at all, but a brown envelope stuffed with a variety of receipts and invoices, some of which had coffee stains on them.

I did my best, but it took far longer than six hours to get his books as squared away as they could be, and he missed his accountant’s deadline.

I relate this cautionary tale as a caution to you. Don’t be like Eddie.

You might be blessed with charm and good looks too, but if you don’t want to pay the late-filing penalties Eddie had to pay, you should probably get your Friendly Bean Counter (FBC) on the case pronto in order to get your CPA what they need in time for extended tax filing season.

Now is the perfect time to reach out and schedule some time to talk about what your business needs to be ready for the Tax Man this fall.

You’ll be ahead of all the Eddie-come-latelys!

Discussion Questions

  1. 1
    Who do you know who’s gotten through life on their charm and good looks?
  2. 2
    Create a pie chart which describes that person’s ratio of charm to good looks
  3. 3
    Are you ready – really ready – for extended tax filing season? If not, is it time to book a meeting with your FBC?

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Howl-dy! I’m Sadie.
Dottie is my person.

Sadie’s Paw Prints

Baby, It’s HOT Outside

Sadie here, Dottie’s four-legged fur buddy. And I’m here to mention a HOT topic that I bet you’ve heard before, but which always bears repeating:

Never leave your pet in a parked car!

Leaving your dog in the car, even for “a quick minute” while you run into the store, is a bad idea any time of the year. But this time of year, with temperatures around the triple-digit range, it can be a catastrophic (even deadly) mistake.

Even if you leave the windows “cracked,” the temperature inside your car will jump many degrees before you even get into the store.

Meanwhile, your fur buddy is out there, sweltering, and possibly suffering severe health consequences.

Try to have a little compassion for those of us who have to wear a fur coat we can’t take off, year ‘round!

If you’re only running a few quick errands, either run them in places where your dog is welcome, or leave him or her at home, where they can get a cool drink of water whenever they want and where they aren’t trapped inside a four-wheel oven.

Your dog is there for you, to keep you warm and to love and trust you. Do the same for them.. but don’t let them get TOO warm.


Angel Covers

Non-Profit Spotlight

Helping The Needy Is Good Medicine For The Soul

Coming soon to the Angel Covers website near you: pictures and information on the amazing project this worthy non-profit is working on in Kenya.

Angel Covers is one of our favorite non-profit organizations here at DK/RK Services, and one we support whole-heartedly. They do many wonderful things for people all over the globe – especially for children and others who truly need help – and this project in Kenya is no different.

We’ve made the acquaintance of a medical practitioner in Kenya whose mission is to provide excellent medical care in a family-centered environment to which these folks have not before had access.

And Angel Covers, with the help of kind-hearted people like YOU, is doing everything they can to help the gentleman realize this vision of medical and laboratory resources working collaboratively to deliver great health outcomes for these under-served people.

Together, we can move this clinic from concept to reality!

Check back soon for more details on this incredible project, and for ways you can help:


Meanwhile, any donation you can make for the organization will help further its mission to help the world’s most vulnerable populations achieve their best lives.

Thank you!

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