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About DKRK Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

We’ll take on your accounting and bookkeeping worries, and free you up to focus on growing your business.

Whatever your firm needs accounting-wise, from a clean-up and catch-up of what may feel like a disastrous situation, to the kind of thought-partner counsel you can’t get anywhere else… you can count on us to help you in whatever way necessary.

It’s our passion.

Starting Up a Business

Maybe you’re just starting your business. You’ve had a dream for some time, and now that dream is close to becoming a reality. 

But there’s so much to think about that has nothing to do with the real dream of your business! 

Forming your business entity… registering everything with the state… setting up the right chart of accounts to meet your needs… making sure everything is in good order for your CPA (or for the IRS).

Accounting Frustrations

Or maybe you’ve been in business for a while, and you’re frustrated with the seemingly-endless bookkeeping and accounting chores you have to keep straight.  What does all this have to do with the dream you started with… or with growing your business to its greatest potential?

Stacks of Coins

Perhaps business is booming – or the work is piling up – and you simply haven’t had the time to stay on top of your bookkeeping and accounting work.  You wouldn’t be the first successful entrepreneur who comes to the sudden realization that their books are a real mess!

Accounting and Bookkeeping and CFO

Or you might be in good shape with the basic stuff… payroll’s under control, accounts payable and receivable are handled, your tax reporting is timely and accurate… but you’d really benefit from the expert advice of a Chief Financial Officer who could help you make the key decisions that will guide the company’s future growth.

(If only your firm were big enough to have a CFO!)

One look at our many five-star reviews, online and elsewhere, and you’ll know we are sincere when we say this:

At DK/RK Services You're More Than A Number.

Dottie and her team are top notch. They pay attention to the details and make sure everything is correct. Dottie always makes sure things are done the right way the first time. I have referred many clients to them and they are always treated with respect and fairly.

Ashleigh S

Executive Assistant 

DK/RK Services, Inc.

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Entrepreneurship is a calling.  It shouldn’t be “just a job,” and it certainly shouldn’t fill your days and hours with the sort of drudgery that makes you dread going to work.

I’m Dottie Korbe, the entrepreneurial force behind DK/RK Services, Inc… and I get it.  You started with a passion for your business… for your customers, your employees, your brand… and for the work you love doing (and that you’re great at).

Accounting and Bookkeeping

I get it, because I started DK/RK Services with the same kind of passion… a passion for helping my clients realize their business dreams, free of the bookkeeping and accounting worries that can sometimes get in the way of bringing an entrepreneur’s dream to fruition.

After years of executive financial experience in the corporate world, I left to strike out on my own, and to begin realizing my own entrepreneurial vision by creating a firm dedicated to the success of my clients’ businesses.

(Sound familiar?)

Give me a call… let’s collaborate to create just the right bookkeeping and accounting systems that will free you up to spend more time working on your business dream… and less time working in your business (cutting checks… doing payroll… cranking out tax filings… the sort of thing you might not enjoy doing, but that my team and I do brilliantly).

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We’re ready to help you with whatever you need… and we’ll treat you like the cherished customer of our business you are.

Because we get it.

At DK/RK Services, you will always be treated with great respect.  Here, you will always be more than a number!  And you have my word on that.