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If You’re Looking For A Great Partner For Your Business…

…A company specifically designed to take the burden of bookkeeping and accounting off your shoulders, and let you focus on what you do best…

…A firm that always has your back, and stands ready to help with everything from regular reporting to executive-level financial advice…

...You've Found It!

Driven By Passion

At DK/RK Services, we’re driven by a passion for helping our clients succeed, whatever their bookkeeping and accounting needs.

Accounting Clean-Up


Some companies fall behind in their bookkeeping and accounting efforts, and they come to us to straighten things out and get them caught up.


Some firms just need to be relieved of the chores of entering data, keeping track of accounts, or paying invoices.


Some count on DK/RK Services for everything from bookkeeping to detailed accounting reports… and for keeping everything buttoned-up for the tax man.

DKRK Services - Dottie Korbe


And some of our clients engage us for our years of top-flight experience and financial know-how, relying on DK/RK Services for the sort of high-level advice they’d get from a Chief Financial Officer of a large corporation.

Our clients count on us for the sort of caring, go-the-extra-mile service that’s hard to get from the “average” bookkeeping or accounting firm.

How We're Different

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We hear it all the time, from client after client, on project after project:

DK/RK Services clients are treated with outstanding respect and courtesy, no matter what their financial situation.

We’re thrilled to read the many five-star reviews we continuously get on Yelp, Google, facebook, and elsewhere.

It makes our day!

Because at DK/RK Services, we’re absolutely committed to your success. And when we see the glowing feedback from our clients, it tells us we’re on the right track… we’re living up to our client-first commitment… we’re rising to the challenge of helping our clients achieve their lofty business aspirations.

Give us a call today!

Whether you’re just starting your business, or need a “clean-up” of your firm’s bookkeeping and accounting systems… or you’re simply ready to shift the bookkeeping burdens to your new partners so you can focus on the things you do best (and love to do)… we can help.

See why our clients know we mean it when we say it:

At DK/RK Services, you’re more than a number.

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We’ll Help You Start-Up…

Even if you’re just starting your business, you’ve had this vision for a long time. Let us focus on setting up your books, while you focus on your business! We’ll help design just the right chart of accounts, and create accounting systems tailored to your firm.

DK/RK Services are phenomenal!! I just started my own business... They took over my books for only a few days and everything was straightened out... Highly recommended...!

Ryan M

Mobile Restauranteur

We’ll Help You Catch-Up…

Every business is different. Whatever chores you don’t enjoy or have time to do (Invoicing? Data entry? Small-business payroll?), we’ll take those burdens on for you... Even if your books are a mess today, we’ll help you catch up, clean up, and fire up your revenue-growing engines.

... Amazing! DK/RK Services has been helping me straighten out my books that have been in shambles for the past three years... More organized than my past bookkeeper... Attention to detail... Answers all my questions... Easy to get in contact with... Thank you SO much for all the help!

Elizabeth W

Physical Therapist

… And We’ll Help You LEVEL-UP
Your Growing Business!

You’re the CEO! As your business grows and thrives, you’ll need to spend more time working on the business… and less time working in it. That’s where DK/RK Services really shines. We’re your “Contract CFO,” ready to design and deliver the financial tools you need to make the big decisions. We love being a key resource for your business, always available for sound, thoughtful financial advice.

DK/RK Services is my business's "Contract CFO." I count on their professional expertise for far more than keeping my books straight (which they also do marvelously). I rely on them for the numbers and advice that drive my key business growth decisions. Thanks!

Michael H

Marketing Consultant

Start Up, Catch Up, Level Up!

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